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OPB Music!

Great music to expand your horizons. Always finding great new music here!

Crashing. All the time...

That title pretty much says it. Running on iPhone 5 and can't keep it streaming for longer than 7-8 minutes before it crashes. Too bad because I love OPB music stream.

Best Local Radio Station In Portland

Local bands, upcoming live shows, alternative classics and a little bit of soul -- all here on one commercial free streaming radio station. If you love the amazing local music coming out of Portland and the Great Pacific Northwest as much as I do, then treat your ears to the musical feast of opbmusic. The radio soul you'll save just may be your own.

Not what I expected

The App works fine, but I was expecting to be able to access Oregon Public Broadcasting music and information, like what is "Broadcasted" on the radio. As far as I can tell, this only accesses a streaming radio station of indy/modern music content. Don't expect to hear NPR, Oregon Classical, or other stations/programs. More information/description in the app (An "About" section?) or the iTunes Store would help.

Streaming needs work


multitasking is here

my problem with the last version was the lack of multitasking. Many asked for that to be changed. Now it has, and I am delighted to be writing this while still listening to opbmusic! thanks

Needs work

The three stars is for existing, basically. Really needs multitasking, including the alarm. Also, the look of it is abysmal- screen resolution is so low you can see pixels. But mainly the downfall is the lack of multitasking. Obviously has not been updated since the 3GS. Still, the music is great.

Great music, however...

...it'd fantastic all around if it could play in the background!

Good app

Great, alarm clock is a nice touch. Need to add multitasking support

Love it

But I do have a suggestion. KEXP has a favorites button that logs which songs you like, a great feature when on the go. Also, I can't get the alarm clock to work in 2.0.


it's amazing! :D I'm impressed.

Love the local flavor

The next best thing to listening at work. Keep up the good work!


best radio in portland

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